AICU creates another layer of support for Jane and her nurses.

Septic shock, low blood pressure, no air moving in the lungs – the patient’s outlook looked bleak. That’s when I made my first call for intensivist support from Advanced ICU Care. With real-time access to the patient’s condition and medical information, Dr. Kalb was able to assist me and prevent the patient from falling comatose. That’s when I knew that this partner wasn’t just a service – they were on my team.

Teaming up with Advanced ICU Care has created the ideal world for critical care operations in a smaller hospital. Since the beginning, I’ve felt a sense of security among my bedside nurses. They receive on-going support, as well as clinical training when they need it. And the hospital gets the information that allows us to compare our numbers on a national level. When the program first launched, Charlie from AICU was onsite every step of the way to make sure everything was going smoothly.

After being open for about a year and a half, the hospital was able to hire an on-site intensivist. When recruiting the doctor for the role, I was able to highlight the many benefits of Advanced ICU Care, which eventually helped her make the choice to grow her career with us.

Now that Advanced ICU Care has been working with us for over a year, their raw performance numbers and APACHE scoring drive our efforts to make improvements in patient care, rather than just making judgments on a case-by-case basis. The support and knowledge from Dr. Kalb and many other AICU intensivists that we receive daily are not only helping us save lives, but also ensures a thorough explanation for our team so that they understand the physician’s decision, furthering their clinical education. When nurses can address a problem with one call rather than five calls, each of them become believers in the incredible results that telemedicine brings to critical care.

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