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Announcing Expanded Acute Care Telemedicine Services with Extended Telemetry Offering

Additional Telemetry Monitoring Capabilities Strengthens Company’s Leadership
Position in the High Acuity Telemedicine Market

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April 26, 2018 – Saint Louis, MO Advanced ICU Care, the nation’s leading provider of tele-ICU services, announced ongoing progress in the expansion of its newest service offering, in-patient cardiac telemetry services, ahead of the American Telemedicine Association’s Annual Conference and Expo (ATA18), where company leadership will take an active role. In addition to serving more than 65 hospitals in 25 states as the nation’s largest, most experienced tele-ICU provider, Advanced ICU Care has now grown its telemetry services client base from a single hospital in early 2017 to include nearly 200 monitored beds under contract, including agreements with nationally recognized hospital systems.

The addition and expansion of the in-patient cardiac telemetry service line is designed to meet the developing needs of client hospitals and expand upon the existing telemedicine leadership and expertise of the company. Remote in-patient cardiac telemetry monitoring is recognized as a cost-efficient and clinically effective way to support bedside personnel in detecting critical events in potentially at-risk cardiac patients. Dedicated telemetry/Electrocardiogram (EKG) technicians are exclusively focused on monitoring changes in patients’ heart functions, reviewing related alerts and collaborating with bedside providers to identify those monitored patients requiring enhanced clinical attention. By leveraging a dedicated service provider such as Advanced ICU Care, hospitals are able to focus on care delivery rather than the staffing, training, management and outfitting of a telemetry team. With access to a services model for cardiac telemetry, hospitals recognize the efficiencies of relying on Advanced ICU Care’s expertise in acute care, tele-technology and remote patient monitoring.

The Joint Commission has identified reducing the harm associated with clinical alarm systems as a National Patient Safety Goal for 2018. Support from Advanced ICU Care’s specialized telemetry team establishes a dependable policy and procedure for cardiac alarm monitoring, which enhances a hospital’s ability to closely observe patients in care areas that may have higher patient-to-nurse ratios and removes the strain of additional responsibilities on the nursing staff.

“The ECRI Institute identifies missed alarms as one of the Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2018,” said Gian Cavallini, Vice President of Strategy and Development for Advanced ICU Care. “Our telemetry services growth is a function of hospital clients recognizing the benefits this model can deliver, including high quality care to patients throughout the hospital, reduced alarm fatigue for bedside clinical staff and administrative support in ensuring a consistent, standardized approach to patient care.”

Memorial Health System’s Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville, IL was the first to launch telemetry services with Advanced ICU Care in 2017. Through the collaboration, Passavant’s high-risk cardiac patients benefit from 24 x 7 x 365 advanced telemetry monitoring systems.

“Our telemetry patients are vigilantly monitored around-the-clock, enabling our bedside nurses to focus their time on delivering the highest quality of patient care,” noted Harry Schmidt, Passavant President and CEO. “Partnering with Advanced ICU Care for cardiac telemetry service has enabled Passavant to maintain that high level of care independent of fluctuations in census or staffing risks.”

With over 12 years of experience in delivering the gold standard of care in the ICU, Advanced ICU Care has deep clinical and operational knowledge in continuous care services for critical patient populations. The company is dedicated to assisting bedside care teams via cutting-edge technology-enabled service platforms such as tele-ICU and telemetry to improve outcomes for critically ill and at-risk patients.

“Our tele-ICU partners have regularly highlighted the challenges they face in monitoring at-risk cardiac patients that are located outside of the ICU,” shared Lou Silverman, Chairman and CEO of Advanced ICU Care. “As an innovative leader in technology-optimized critical care, we continuously look for opportunities to leverage our expertise to meet our clients’ additional acute care needs. We look forward to the further expansion of our service offerings to support current and future partners and help them drive improved patient outcomes.”

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