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Becker's Hospital Review

CMO Rachel Sackrowitz Discusses ICU Burnout and Tele-ICU Solution in Becker’s

Beckers Burnout BlogPhysician burnout is the subject of an important and timely discussion in a healthcare environment that relies on its physicians for outstanding care. The issue is particularly relevant in critical care for a range of reasons. The 2018 Medscape National Physician Burnout and Depression Report highlighted that critical care physicians register the highest rate of burnout (48 percent) amongst any physician group.

In her contribution to the conversation in Becker’s Hospital Review, Advanced ICU Care’s CMO Dr. Rachel Sackrowitz discusses some of the structural causes of burnout risk among intensivists. Drawing on her experience as both a bedside and telemedicine practitioner, she also shares some of the ways that tele-ICU has been found to reduce the risk of burnout in the ICU. While hospitals generally choose to pursue a tele-ICU solution in search of clinical improvements or to overcome staffing challenges, many are finding support among their clinical staff because of its impact on key job dissatisfiers.

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