Press   |   May 30, 2017   |   Advanced ICU Care

Advanced ICU Care Releases Data on Clinical Outcomes and Key Accomplishments

Clinical and Growth Metrics Highlight Results

Advanced ICU Care, the nation’s leading provider of high-acuity telemedicine services, announced 2016 performance statistics and key 2017 accomplishments to date.



The highlighted metrics recognize significant accomplishments in improving ICU clinical outcomes, as well as the company’s continued leadership, growth and impact in acute care telemedicine.




By the end of Q1 2017, Advanced ICU Care was contracted to provide around-the-clock monitoring of over 1,000 patient beds in 24 states coast to coast.

  • Advanced ICU Care physicians, advanced practice providers, and nurses now provide remote patient monitoring services from 8 geographically-dispersed care centers.
  • Advanced ICU Care clinicians handled over 1 million interactions last year as part of their care for patients.

Working in partnership with bedside teams at our client hospital ICUs, patient benefits included:

  • The length of stay for an ICU patient in an Advanced ICU Care partner hospital was 20 to 60% shorter than the predicted stay, enabling the average ICU patient to exit the ICU almost a day and half earlier than otherwise would have been expected.
  • The average ICU stay for patients with sepsis was reduced 39% vs. expectations.
  • Total hospital stays for ICU patients at Advanced ICU Care client hospitals were reduced by over 500 person-years through improved care and reduced complications.
  • Ventilated patients in our client ICUs spent 5,500 fewer days on a ventilator than actuarially expected due to continuous monitoring and active management of extubation opportunities.
  • Consistent implementation and management of clinical protocols enabled nearly 100% compliance in the areas of stress ulcer prophylaxis (SUP) and venous thromboembolism (VTE) among at-risk patients, reducing complications and supporting improved quality of life after discharge.

“There are many benefits of tele-ICU care, but the most important is improved outcomes for critically ill patients,” said Rachel Sackrowitz, National Medical Director of Advanced ICU Care. “Our clinical team is constantly working collaboratively with the bedside clinicians at our partner hospitals to care for patients and identify opportunities to enhance ICU patient care wherever possible.”

“Our clinicians handled over 1 million patient interactions last year, collaborating with the staff of our partner hospitals to positively impact outcomes for many thousands of patients” said Lou Silverman, CEO, Advanced ICU Care. “We are honored to be able to play a role in positively impacting the lives of the patients we treat and their families, and are proud to see that tele-ICU service is increasingly becoming the standard of critical care in hospitals of all sizes,”

Download the results summary here.

Note: All clinical claims rely on comparisons using APACHE IVa data.

About Advanced ICU Care Advanced ICU Care is the nation’s leading provider of high acuity telemedicine services, contracted to provide care to more than 65 hospitals in 24 states on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. Advanced ICU Care is a technology-enabled clinical services provider that employs innovative tele-technology, U.S. board-certified intensivists, advanced practice providers and nurses trained in critical care, multiple dedicated tele-care delivery centers, and a proven implementation and client service approach for the benefit of patients, families, providers and hospitals.

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