Addressing COVID-19

Certainty and uncertainty are staring at each other, and neither is blinking.

Many questions course through our world in general and the healthcare system specifically. Are we living through a continuation of the first wave or are we witnessing the beginning of the second? Does immunity exist? If so, does it endure? Will there be a vaccine for this? When will there be a vaccine for this? Fair questions, all. Unanswerable questions, all, at present.

The Advanced ICU Care team has set these questions aside as important matters for others to work on. We have been laser focused on our growing community of client hospitals and helping them deliver great, timely care.  We have seen the rise and fall (and rise) of regional COVID-19 hot spots. We have served camera-to- shoulder with clients living through patient surges that exceeded their plans as well as those clients anticipating health care tidal waves that ended up smaller than expected.

We have delivered excellent care to patients in need, surge services to client facilities in need, and accelerated implementations to new partners in need. We have also sustained and enhanced our role as a distributor and facilitator of critical care best practices.

Our plans for the foreseeable future aren’t a whole lot different from the above priorities which have been trademarks of our 14-year history and of our recent COVID-19 past.

Despite the current stand-off between certainty and uncertainty, the Advanced ICU Care team has not and will not blink. Let us know if we can help.


Lou Silverman, CEO

Rapid Deployment

At the outset of the pandemic, Advanced ICU Care fielded urgent requests for ICU care services from a range of hospitals and other entities. The company responded to each request via a variety of rapid response capabilities including rapid implementation protocols and/or utilization of surge compatible technology solutions. In total, over the course of one month more than 50 hospitals initiated, expanded, or extended tele-ICU capabilities in response to the unprecedented demands resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bedside Tele-ICU Access

As the coronavirus pandemic spread, a surprising issue early on was the rapid depletion of PPE (personal protective equipment supplies). Our Advanced ICU Care technology teams worked quickly to develop the means of deploying tele-ICU audio/visual control within the hospital and offer it to each of our partners. Using this capability, bedside physicians and nurses are able to conduct a virtual visit with a COVID-19 patient at any time without increasing their risk of infection nor depleting scarce PPE supplies.

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