COVID-19 Statement
from CEO Lou Silverman

COVID-19 has absorbed the focus of nearly the entire healthcare ecosystem. Our entire Advanced ICU Care team is driven by our common commitment to patients in need and by an imperative to do as much as we can to help in this uncommon time.

We are working to ensure that we share knowledge and experience among our team members, our clients and our bedside colleagues. We are working cooperatively with clients in need who desire expanded critical care services. We are also looking at opportunities to meet the urgent needs of hospitals that are not current clients. Through it all, we are keeping a watchful eye on not overcommitting; that is not fair to anyone at this time. Balancing actions to the facts and rebalancing based on new facts is our operating mantra.

For the hundreds of patients suspected to have COVID-19 that we’ve cared for already and the many more that we expect, we are adapting protocols to ensure we can continue to provide optimal care and comfort. We’ve acted quickly to implement team distancing, moving our non-clinical team members to work at home, enabling our clinical team to have sole occupancy of our workplaces.  We contingency plan regularly, and review our plans with equal regularity.

I have been awed and humbled by the professionalism, energy, determination and dedication of the Advanced ICU Care team and the teams that we work with at our partner hospitals. There is much yet to be done. We will keep working with you and for you.




Lou Silverman, CEO

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