Founded by intensivist physicians who understood the challenge

Advanced ICU Care’s history began with intensivist physicians who had firsthand experience with the challenge hospitals were facing in providing 24/7 intensivist care. The call for care was growing, while the supply of intensivists was not.

In 2005, we became the first independent organization to license the Philips platform of ICU telemedicine management. In January 2006, we launched our first two tele-ICU clients – hospitals which remain clients to this day. By the end of 2007, we had added two more clients, and by the end of 2009, four more.

By 2012, we added a second operations center in New York to help support what was now 20 clients. In 2014, Advanced ICU Care moved to a new corporate office and a new operations center in St. Louis, recognizing the need to support an ever-growing system with continued care excellence. Along the way, we added to the Philips technology core to deliver capabilities that are unique to our tele-ICU offering.

Today, we partner with over 65 hospitals and hospital systems, operate five operations centers (plus another three through exclusive partnership relationships), and care for over 55,000 patients annually with a staff of over 140 care-focused clinicians. Our technology enables any doctor or nurse in any of our operations centers to care for any patient in any partner hospital ICU, alerting them to developing conditions and issues while also enabling protocols customized to each hospital. Our care model helps our partners deliver 24/7 gold standard intensivist care to their patients, which results in more lives saved, shorter ICU stays, and avoidance of complications such as sepsis and infections.

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